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3 Easy Date Night Hairstyles

Whether you’re going on a romantic dinner a deux, or going on a date night with your best girl friends, planning your outfit, make-up and hairstyle for the night is half the fun! A date night is the perfect occasion to try a glam hairstyle. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got 3 easy date night hairstyles for you to try.

Date night hair ideas

3 date night hairstyle ideas

Romantic messy curls

Step 1: Prep hair to make your curls last all night. Apply a pea-sized amount of Polishing Primer to the lengths of your hair using your fingers. 

Step 2: Protect your hair from heat up to 230ᵒC/446ᵒF by misting our Heat Protecting Spray onto your locks. Let air dry a few minutes before using a curling iron.

Step 3: Curl your hair using the Gisou Curling Tool. To make curls last, allow the curls to cool completely before combing through them. You can do this by pinning your curls one by one using clips while you curl your hair.

Step 4: Once you’ve curled all your hair, let curls cool. Do your make-up or change into your date night outfit while curls cool. Then, remove the clips and shake out the curls.

Step 5: Warm up 1-3 drops of Honey Infused Hair Oil between your palms and comb through mid-lengths to ends using your fingers. This adds a beautiful shine and will keep your hair frizz-free! 

Not sure how to use a Curling Iron? We’ve got the best tips for you. 

Date night hair style ideas

Slicked-back low bun

Step 1: Prep hair by smoothing out frizz using a pea-sized amount of Propolis Infused Polishing Primer. Warm product between the palms of your hands and smooth through hair from roots to tips to eliminate frizz and ensure optimal workable hold. 

Step 2: Next, brush your hair into a low ponytail using a soft bristle brush, making sure your hair is smooth and bump-free. Secure your ponytail with a hair tie.

Step 3: Twist your pony into a tight, low bun, and secure with a hair tie or bobby pins. 

Step 4: For a sleek, clean finish, smooth out any baby hairs using a pea-sized amount of Polishing Primer on an old toothbrush or spoolie. 

Step 5: To give your low bun hairstyle an extra shiny, glossy look, warm 2-3 drops of Honey Infused Hair Oil in the palms of your hands and smooth over hair. 

Step 6: Finish off your style using the Honey Infused Hair Perfume to add a subtle shine while leaving you smelling like warm honey and spring florals. 

Date night hair style ideas

Effortless waves

Step 1: Apply a pea-sized amount of Propolis Infused Polishing Primer to towel dried hair. Brush this through to evenly distribute the product and create hold. Massage the remaining product into the root area for lift and volume.

Step 2: Follow up by lightly misting hair with the Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray, to protect your hair from your styling tools.

Step 3: Blow dry using a round brush, take sections of the hair, wrap it around the brush, and then unwind and twist the hair as you pull the brush out in the direction of the curl and repeat all over. Alternatively, use a large barrel curling iron. Once curls have cooled, brush through gently with a natural bristle brush to loosen the curls into smooth, loose waves. 

Step 4: To give your waves added hold and texture you can add a few sprays of the Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray, scrunching the product in to promote texture and body. 

Step 5: Finish off using the Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition to leave a sophisticated, lingering impression.

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