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Gisou Holiday Season Pop-up in Paris

Our annual holiday campaign featuring our exclusive, limited edition holiday merchandise is back!  This holiday season, Negin & Maurits are off to Paris to celebrate the very thing that makes this time of the year so special - love. 

In this spirit we invite our community members worldwide to join us for a holiday season full of the sweetest gifts & surprises. Exciting news: for the first time, our holiday pop-up will feature experiences both online and offline.

Gisou Holiday Season Pop-up in Paris

A place full of the sweetest gifts & surprises

Experience The Gisou Holiday Season, our holiday pop-up store December 10-17th in collaboration with Season Paris. In this unique place specifically designed for the festive spirit of the season, discover our complete Gisou product range, honey infused treats and exclusive, limited edition holiday gifts. 

Gisou Pop-up Features:

  • A TASTY TREAT: located in Le Marais, the creative heart of Paris, our pop-up store has teamed up with Season Paris, an iconic restaurant of the neighborhood to bring limited Gisou Honey Infused delicacies. 
  • LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY GIFTS: Discover our exclusive holiday merchandise items created especially for this year’s ‘The Gisou Holiday Season.’
  • GISOU HEROES: Find the complete Gisou product range - haircare and complexion heroes which are just as good to gift as to keep. 
  • ONLINE + OFFLINE: For the first time, ‘The Gisou Holiday Season’ will feature experiences both online and offline.

Gisou Holiday Season Pop-up in Paris

Gisou Pop-up

We annually host pop-up stores in cities around the world to meet our community members who live there. The concept of each Gisou pop-up is always inspired by the local culture of the city in which it takes place and executed as a Gisou ‘takeover.’ ‘The Gisou Holiday Season’ is Gisou’s third brand activation in Paris, following ‘Gisou at Angelina’ in September 2018 and ‘Gisou at Galeries Lafayette' - Champs Elysées’ in July 2019.

The Gisou Holiday Story 2021

Every holiday season, Negin and Maurits look forward to giving each other the best gifts yet. This year, Maurits made sure to plan ahead and has started the season with a surprise holiday getaway to Paris. Being the organiser that he is, Maurits has prepared everything for him and Negin; from the trip itself, to an adventurous itinerary in and around Paris where exciting treats await them.

Once they arrive in Paris and spend hours city strolling, window shopping and sightseeing, Maurits has one last surprise up his sleeve. Familiar with Negin’s sweet tooth, Maurits leads them closer and closer to an amazing aroma of honey infused treats. 

It’s not long before they are greeted by the welcoming, warm glow of ‘The Gisou Holiday Season’, a place full of the sweetest gifts and surprises, where everything is possible and you can find all the Gisou holiday gifts you could possibly dream of.

Exclusive Gisou Holiday Season Merchandise

Shop our exclusive holiday merchandise items both online on and at the Season Pop-up in Paris. Each of our limited edition, authentic Gisou originals are only available for a limited time during The Gisou Holiday Season.

In Pop-Up: December 10-17th, 2021 December 9-25th, 2021

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