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The Honey Infused Oil Routine You Need For Healthy Hair, Skin and Lips

We’re proud to introduce the ultimate trifecta of Gisou’s honey-infused collection: the Honey Infused Hair Oil, Honey Infused Face Oil and Honey Infused Lip Oil. Infused with Mirsalehi honey and inspired by the benefits of the rich botanical sources found in our very own Mirsalehi Bee Garden, this three oil routine gives a transformative glow to your hair, skin and lips. 

Gisou honey infused oils

Healthy Hair & Complexion Benefits

Our iconic oils are infused with sustainably sourced Mirsalehi Honey and botanical oils inspired by the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, such as safflower oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil, blueberry seed oil, buriti seed oil, and last but not least, our very own Mirsalehi Bee Garden oil blend. Together, these oils provide the following benefits:

  • Deeply nourish, hydrate and lock-in moisture - hair & complexion
  • Diminish frizz and enhances shine - hair
  • Protect and strengthen the skin barrier - complexion

Gisou honey

Honey-infused oils & their benefits

Infused with Mirsalehi Honey and our proprietary Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend for silky, shiny locks, plumper, more defined lips and a radiant-looking complexion, this trio of quick-to-sell-out Gisou classics is the only collectible you need for hair & skin.

1. For shiny hair

Honey Infused Hair Oil — our daily essential oil for all hair types — nourishes, locks-in moisture and enhances shine. This luxurious hair oil is enriched with Mirsalehi Honey formulated to rebuild and repair hair to the core resulting in healthy, soft and stronger locks with a silky shine. 

Standout Oils: Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Passionflower Seed Oil

Discover 5 ways to use the Honey Infused Hair Oil

2. For a radiant complexion

Antioxidant-rich, fast-absorbing Honey Infused Face Oil delivers a healthier-looking, glowing complexion. This daily face oil is suitable for all skin types and is formulated to nourish skin with the transformative benefits of Mirsalehi Honey, natural actives and freshly cold-pressed botanical oils. 

Our Honey Infused Face Oil contains 95.7% cold-pressed botanical oils. Cold-pressing is one of the purest forms of extraction that doesn’t use high heat, which can destroy valuable nutrients found naturally within botanical extracts.

Standout Oils: Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops to the palm of your hand and use fingertips to gently massage into clean skin, as the last step in your skincare routine. For best results, use daily at night or mixed into your favorite moisturizer to restore and maintain nourished, hydrated, glowing skin. 

3. For hydrated lips

Just one swipe of Honey Infused Lip Oil deeply hydrates, conditions and restores lips as it leaves behind a beautiful, natural, Honey Gold glow. Our lip oil combines Mirsalehi Honey and intensely hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, our proprietary Oil Blend and natural actives, that work together to instantly smooth, plump and define lips. 

Standout Oils: Buriti Fruit Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil, Omegas 3, 6 & 9

How to use: Simply glide directly onto bare lips, or underneath your favorite lipstick for an extra dimension of hydration and shine. 

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