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How to: Negin's Signature Healthy, Bouncy Curls

Voluminous, shiny curls complement any hair length, colour, or texture. However, learning how to curl your hair may take some practice and patience. We’ve got you covered with the Negin’s signature curls routine which will help you achieve healthy, bouncy, shiny waves that last! We’ve outlined 4 essential steps of Negin’s routine and additional tips for getting those flawless curls.

How to: Negin's Signature Healthy, Bouncy Curls

Negin's Curling Routine in 4 steps

Step 1: Primer

Start by applying a pea-sized amount of Propolis Infused Polishing Primer through damp or dry hair from root to tip. Our lightweight styling primer prepares hair for your styling routine by preventing and diminishing frizz, reducing drying time, and ensuring optimal workable hold while using heated styling tools. The result is enhanced hair texture with more volume and definition.

Step 2: Heat Protection

Then spray Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray lightly from an arm’s length onto divided sections of the hair from root to tip. The Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray works by forming a protective barrier around the hair; when heat is applied, the product protects the strands of hair from getting burned (we’ve got proof!)

Heat protection before curling

Step 3: Section and Curl

Separate hair into sections. The larger the section of hair, the looser the curls. The smaller the sections, the tighter the curls! Wrap one section around the Gisou Curling Tool. With a 1-inch ceramic barrel and 10 temperature settings, the Curling Tool is versatile and designed to create loose, bouncy curls that last. Use fingers to hold the edge of the section of hair close to the barrel. Hold for a few seconds, then lift the curling tool and let the curl cool in your hand. Repeat until all sections are curled. 

Want to see how Negin does it? Watch the video.

Step 4: Nourish

Warm 2-3 drops of  Honey Infused Hair Oil between the palms of your hands and apply it on the hair ends to boost shine. This luxurious hair oil is enriched with Mirsalehi Honey from our very own Mirsalehi Bee Garden, formulated to rebuild and repair hair to the core.

Honey is a natural humectant and maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance, resulting in healthy, soft, and stronger locks with a silky shine. It’s the perfect finishing product to use after curling your hair to give your hair a hydration and shine boost, and to eliminate frizz.

Negin's Curling Tool

Negin's pro-curling tips: 

  • Curl sections in different directions.
  •  The key for effortless-looking curls is to curl your hair away from the face rather than towards it for a more natural, wavy look.

  • Set curls with flat clips to cool. 
  • Allowing the curl to cool down and set before letting it go is one of the most effective tips for keeping your curls in place. Take each fresh curl and secure its spiral shape with a clip or a bobby pin.

    How does this work? As you wrap your hair around the curling iron, heat is transferred to the hair strands, which causes them to change shape. So, once your pinned curl has cooled, the hair's cuticle will close and set in place, allowing the curl to last much longer.

  • Comb through curls with a wide-toothed comb or fingers 
  • Unclip your curls after they have cooled, then toss your head back and gently shake the curls out. To loosen your curls even more, gently comb your fingers through them. You can also use a wide-toothed brush to create perfect, natural-looking waves from your ringlet curls.

    Wrapping up

    Now that you found out all Negin’s curling secrets, implement them into your hair styling routine to get those healthy and bouncy curls!

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