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New Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum

Introducing our New Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum. Using a never-before-seen encapsulated honey technology, our exclusive formula captures the freshest dose of our honey in each droplet with the power of microencapsulation. Upon application, these droplets gently burst, releasing our honey and oil-based blend to seal in moisture and intensively hydrate the hair.

A clinically proven, plant-based keratin then permeates deeply into the fiber to repair the hair and prevent future breakage. Hair is shielded by a heat and UV protectant which results in healthy hair and weightless shine. 

New Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum

"If you've been following me for a while you know how much I love my long hair. I've never cut it short but around 4 months postpartum I was at a point where I was really considering chopping it. I was losing so much hair in the shower and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to save it.

I became even more religious with my Gisou hair routine and slowly began incorporating our Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum into my regimen while it was still being tested. From my very first use, I felt a difference and I absolutely believe the repair serum saved my hair.

What's most exciting about our Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum is that we used a new honey extraction process that allowed us to create micro droplets of our Mirsalehi Honey in its purest, most potent concentration. Not only does it reduce split ends, our clinical trials showed that it delivered 5× more moisture and repaired damaged hair after the first use. I honestly can't wait for you to try it!" - Negin Mirsalehi, Gisou Founder

Clinically proven benefits

After just 1 use* clinically proven to:

  • Deliver 5x more moisture & smoothness
  • Repair & strengthen damaged hair
  • Seal split ends by 94%
  • Visibly reduces breakage
  • 450°f/ 230°c heat protection

*based on an independent lab study using scientifically proven instrumental testing.

befor & after hair serum

The power of microencapsulation technology 

Strengthen and repair dry, damaged hair with the power of pure Mirsalehi Honey. This clinically proven 96% natural serum harnesses the potency of our Mirsalehi Honey and Bee Garden Oil Blend using encapsulated technology, for the freshest dose with every use.

Instant Results: Hydrated & Repaired Microdroplets gently burst to release our Mirsalehi Honey and Bee Garden Oil Blend to seal in moisture and intensely hydrate the hair. KeraMatch™ V and Keraguard penetrate deep into the hair fiber to repair and prevent breakage. Hair is shielded by a heat and UV protectant which result in an immaculate, weightless shine.

  • Deeply repairs and intensely hydrates the hair 
  • Locks in moisture and seals split ends 
  • Defends the hair against heat up to 450° Fahrenheit / 230° Celsius and UV stress
  • Gives an incredible shine
  • Acts as a shield against everyday styling, combing, brushing and blow drying
  • Leaves hair with the delicious Gisou signature scent

Long-Term Results: Resilience & Health With regular use, hair elasticity and strength are improved. With every dose hair is more hydrated, softer, smoother, with a healthy honey glow.

  • Strengthens fragile hair
  • Improves hair elasticity
  • Protects against hair breakage
  • Repairs chemically treated hair 
  • Prevents color fading
  • Restores the resilience of hair

Hair Serum: the key ingredients

Micro-Droplet Ingredients

Encapsulated Mirsalehi Honey - Hydration

Our freshest dose of Mirsalehi Honey encapsulated in a microdroplet which bursts to deliver long-lasting moisture and shine.

Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend - Moisture

Our proprietary Oil Blend is an antioxidant powerhouse rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 to deeply nourish the hair while also infusing it with strength and protection.

Meadowfoam Oil - Weightlessness

A hydrating naturally derived oil that moisturizes the hair without leaving a residue, making it greasy or weighing it down.

Aqueous Liquid Ingredients

Keramatch V — A Plant Based Keratin - Repair

A plant-based keratin made of hydrolyzed pea protein that repairs and strengthens fragile hair and improves elasticity to prevent hair breakage. Acts as a shield against everyday styling, brushing, and blow drying.

Keraguard - Protection

A powerful antioxidant that strengthens and protects damaged hair, restores resilience, prevents color fading, and defends against heat and UV stress.

Actives of both phases are kept separate until the moment of application for optimal bioavailability at the right dose and at the right place. Additionally, our microfluidic technology allows for a surfactant-free formula that is very gentle to all hair types, even the most sensitive and porous / fragilized types.

Hair Serum Gisou

Hair Serum & Hair Oil used together

Hair Repair Serum and Hair Oil, used together as a Honey Glow Power Duo, can improve the condition of your hair and perfect the look and feel of each and every strand. Get that iconic Gisou Honey Glow, no matter how damaged or dry your hair may be.

Step 1: Hair Repair Serum

Use on damp hair as a reparative treatment to restore and repair, act as a shield against everyday styling, heat & UV rays and prevent color fading for hair that's stronger, smoother and healthier.

Step 2: Hair Oil

After styling, use on dry hair as a protecting and finishing product to deliver shine, maintain hair's optimal moisture balance, instantly smooth frizz and gloss.


NEW Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum Intense Hydration Honey Drops launches globally on September 2, 2023 on and

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