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New Limited Edition Gisou Carry-all Bag

Introducing our new limited edition, handmade Gisou Carry-all Bag co-created by Negin Mirsalehi and 20-year-old Swedish Instagram entrepreneur, Emma Iris Halvarsson. This special collaboration is inspired by IRIS AV EMMA’s handmade bag creations, making Emma our first official ‘Community Partner’! 

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New Limited Edition Gisou Carry-all Bag

Gisou Community Partner Initiative

At Gisou, we always make it our priority to highlight that you, our community, are at the core of who we are. At the start of the year, we promised to make 2021 more about you, by making the most of our platform but most importantly promising to listen, connect and inspire

This led to a collaboration between our founder Negin Mirsalehi and Emma Iris Halvarsson of IRIS AV EMMA to co-create the limited edition, handmade Gisou Carry-all Bag. 

Gisou & Iris Av Emma

Emma, who has been handcrafting printed colored bags since last summer, was inspired by her passion for collecting makeup bags and her love for sewing. With her continuous support and tags on Instagram, it didn’t take long for Negin to spot Emma’s creations and purchase some bags for herself. 

Quite soon after, Negin and Emma got together to co-design our very own, handmade, limited edition Carry-all bag and share it with our community. 

“I couldn’t have dreamed of this! - I’ve been a fan of Gisou for a long time. On my 18th birthday, all I wished for was Gisou products. I’m honored to be a part of this collaboration as I truly believe that GISOU & IRIS work so well together!” - Emma Iris 

The limited-edition Gisou Carry-all Bag designs are inspired by The IRIS signature fabrics: Floral, Gingham and Terry Cloth. These are huge favorites amongst IRIS customers, including Negin herself. 

Calling all creators & entrepreneurs

As part of the Community Partner Initiative, we plan to continue supporting all entrepreneurs in numerous ways by shining a light on all the amazing talent within our community. Please continue to share your passion and tag us in your creations!

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