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How to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Pollution

There are many reasons why we might see a few extra strands fall out as we brush our hair. And keeping every hair on our head is the key to fuller, thicker-feeling hair. While stress and harmful hair products can certainly be connected, most of us don’t realize that air pollution is also a contributing factor. 

But how does one protect your hair from air pollution? By using good hair products, washing well, and a variety of other methods. Let’s talk about them!

How to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Pollution

8 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Air Pollution

Air particles like dust and pollution can leave your hair looking dull and greasy, but the problems don’t end there. These particles can also permeate into our hair and lead to breakage and blocked hair roots. 

Each and every tip listed below is worth working into your hair care routine. It can make all the difference in healthy hair that grows strong while being protected from air pollution. 

Apply Hair Serum Post Wash

After giving your hair a good wash, applying a quality hair serum can do wonders for your hair. While air pollution can cause split ends, build-up, and frizz, hair serum works to repair hair and manage this. Gisou’s Hair Repair Serum works particularly well because of honey-infused ingredients. 

With proteins, botanical oils, and essential minerals, this hair serum repairs hair by moisturizing the hair from the inside out. Dryness is often a direct result of air pollution permeating our lovely locks. 

Choose Antioxidant-Rich Hair Products

Antioxidants are an essential part of combating environmental factors such as air pollution and dust. Antioxidants work to promote healthy circulation and new hair growth. With good hair follicle circulation, hair will continue to grow strong, getting off to a healthy start. 

Honey is a powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, it’s also a humectant. This makes for a power combination. Humectants help lock in moisture because of the way they lock onto water molecules. It also locks into the vitamins and antioxidants to create long-lasting benefits. 

Keraguard is one of the key antioxidants found in our honey-infused hair products, which also helps protect against UV rays and heat damage. 

How to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Pollution

Cover Your Hair with a Scarf or Hat

Luckily for us, hair scarves and hats are back in fashion. Not only can they keep us warm during cooler months, but wrapping our hair keeps pollution out. A silk scarf is one of the best materials to work with because it’s the softest on our hair. Sometimes, rougher materials can cause frizzing and even breakage. 

If you’re looking to really step up your hair care routine, put a leave-in conditioner or hair serum in your hair and let it soak underneath your scarf or hat. No one will ever know, and you intensely hydrate while protecting your hair. 

Use Leave-In Conditioner Between Wash Days

Gisou's Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner is the ultimate multi-tasker. Our hair can become easily dehydrated thanks to environmental factors. Keeping it nourished and moisturized is key to healthy and happy hair. Leave-in conditioner also creates a coated barrier that keeps harmful toxins out and nourishing ingredients in.

Leave-in conditioner is a great multi-tasker. Our hair can become easily dehydrated due to many different factors. Environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold are certainly to blame.  

Being able to provide extra moisture is key to healthy and happy hair. Not only can a good leave-in conditioner provide extra hydration, but it can create a barrier between environmental factors and our hair. It creates a shell-like barrier around the strands that helps keep moisture and nutrients in and harmful toxins out. 

How to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Pollution

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner Regularly

Since debris does cause our hair to look ragged and gross, it’s important that we wash it regularly. But washing our hair with products that don’t get the job done right can be even more damaging. A sulfate-free shampoo will work to remove any build-up hanging around without completely drying your natural oils. 

Drying out hair and scalp can result in flakiness, dandruff, and even excess oil production. Topping off a good wash with the right conditioner is the perfect combination. Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Wash and Conditioner works to moisturize naturally, leaving our hair feeling weightless but not frizzy. 

Extra tip: Leave the conditioner in your hair for one to two minutes before rinsing to allow honey and other important ingredients to soak in.

Deep Condition Once or Twice a Week

A deep condition means using a quality hair mask that you can leave on the hair overnight or for an extended period of time. This allows for nutrients to seep in and repair the hair from any past damage that occurred. Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Mask will not only leave you with improved hair elasticity, but it adds shine and luster.

Debris and dirt caused by outside pollution often absorb our natural oils in a bad way. It leaves our hair looking weighted and dull. A quality hair mask prevents this from happening altogether. 

How to Protect Your Hair from Dust and Pollution

Wear Protective Hairstyles

It’s often overlooked, but the way we wear our hair can also provide a layer of protection against environmental pollution. By combing the hair into buns, ponytails, or braids, we shield the inner part of your hair from exposure to the air. Just be sure to use the right elastics and hair ties to avoid breakage. 

When our hair is secured in a protective hairstyle, it also creates a barrier to the scalp. A dry scalp leads to irritation and potential hair fall, so it’s important to shield it as much as possible. Covering your hair with a hat or scarf when you’re outdoors is also a great option.

Detoxify Your Hair and Scalp

Our scalp is where our new hair grows, which is why paying attention to it is so important. Without the right environment, new hair growth can be stunted and leave us off to a rocky start. Aside from using the right shampoo and conditioner, we should massage our products on our scalp with our hands. This creates blood flow and circulation for new hair growth. 

You can also use a purifying scalp treatment like Gisou’s Honey-Infused Scalp treatment. This product uses Mirsaheli honey to help with thinning hair and alleviate dry, itchy, and oily scalp conditions. This is thanks to ingredients that balance our scalp microbiome and get rid of harmful bacteria. 

By replenishing and protecting our skin barrier, a scalp treatment really focuses from the inside out. Scalp treatments are best left overnight, such as a hair mask. 

How Dust and Air Pollution Damage Your Hair

While we now know what to do to combat air pollution, it’s worth knowing the reason behind it. Let’s quickly delve into just how damaging air pollution and dust can be for our locks. 

Signs of Pollution Damaged Hair

If you start to notice any of the following symptoms, chances are air pollution is getting to you. 

Increased Hair Fall

While there can be many reasons for increased hair fall, air pollution is usually one that gets forgotten about. When pollution permeates our hair, especially at the roots, it kills the area in which it can grow. Dry scalps don’t provide healthy grips from the hair follicle, resulting in complete loss of hair. 

Dry and Brittle Hair

It also can penetrate the hair strand itself, leading to breakage in the middle of our hair. What is expected is to see a lot of split ends because the longer the hair has been exposed to such conditioners, the weaker and more brittle it will become. 

Itchy Scalp and Dandruff

Air pollution and dust dry up our scalp’s natural moisture, which can lead to a dry and itchy scalp. This, in turn, is how dandruff is created. 

Dullness and Color Fading

Because our natural moisture is soaked up, it leaves us with a dull look rather than a lustrous shine. This can take away from our natural highlights and even fade colored hair. 

Frizz and Flyaways

Flyaways often are a result of the combination of dry hair and breakage. This frizzy look can be difficult to tame when our hair is improperly moisturized. 

Investing In The Right Products

When it comes to protecting our hair from air pollution, it really comes down to investing in the right products both from a coverage standpoint and from a repair stance. Ingredients that have antibacterial properties, vitamins, and minerals that promote both protection and restoration are key. 

That’s why Gisou’s Hair Care products may be the perfect place to start looking. All of these products are multifunctional thanks to the main powerhouse ingredient, honey. Don’t wait to start protecting your hair with them. 

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