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Gisou Bee Learning: the basics of beekeeping & honey bees

Beekeeping has been a way of life in Gisou for over six generations. Every product in our collection has been imbued with our extensive understanding of bees, beekeeping, and the most sustainable technique to produce honey and propolis. 


On May 20th Gisou celebrates World Bee Day! Like every year, we’re honoring World Bee Day by raising awareness about the importance of bees and encourage you to do the same by taking our comprehensive and free online Bee Learning course! After completing this online beekeeping class you will learn why the global population relies on bees, the bee's anatomy, how honey is made, and much more.

Gisou Bee Learning: the basics of beekeeping & honey bees

Beekeeping 101: Learn from the best

Gisou’s Beekeeper-in-Chief, Negar Mirsalehi, leads the Gisou Bee Learning Course — an educational step-by-step program that supports our core mission and inspires a new generation of beekeepers. The course dives into the world of bees, their importance, and that of the beekeepers. After successfully completing all chapters, you’ll be able to download your certificate of completion. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador to help support the bees!

Gisou Bee Learning: the basics of beekeeping & honey bees

Bee learning course overview

The Gisou Bee Learning is a free online course that dives into the basics of beekeeping, honey bees and honey. After each of these 4 chapters you’ll be quizzed to test your knowledge, and after successfully completing the course you’ll receive your official Bee Learning Certificate!

Chapter 1: The importance of bees for our ecosystem

Chapter 2: The bee basics

Chapter 3: Beekeeping & maintenance of the colonies

Chapter 4: Bee products & the power of honey 

5 fun facts about bees you didn’t know

If you are still hesitating about whether you should take the bee-learning course, take a glance at some bee facts we doubt you knew about!  

  • A single honey bee can produce 1/12 tablespoon of honey in its lifetime.
  • Bees communicate by dancing.
  • Bees prefer yellow, blue & purple flowers over other colors.
  • The lifespan of honey bees depends on the season they’re born in.
  • Bees use water to cool their hive, like mini air-conditioning systems.

Gisou Bee Learning: the basics of beekeeping & honey bees

Start bee learning today

Support us and our planet by learning about the world’s most important pollinators responsible for 30% of the world’s food supply and the overall health of our ecosystems. Take the Bee Learning course now!

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