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Gisou Bee Learning: The E-Learning Course For Aspiring Beekeepers

At Gisou, beekeeping has been a way of life for over six generations. Our expert knowledge of the bees, beekeeping and the optimal way to sustainably harvest honey and propolis have infused every single product in our collection.

Now, we’re sharing that passion and insight with everyone via our Gisou Bee-Learning Course, a comprehensive and educational step-by-step program that supports our core mission — to raise awareness around the importance of bees and inspire a new generation of beekeepers. 

Gisou Bee Learning: The E-Learning Course For Aspiring Beekeepers

Learn from beekeepers around the world

As a part of our commitment to the planet, our mission is to connect every person to nature by inspiring bee lovers of all levels. Our program dives into the world of bees, their importance and that of the beekeepers who play a crucial role in helping the bees thrive. 

Throughout the course, students will learn the (beekeeping) ropes not only from Gisou founder Negin and her sister, Negar, but from our thriving community of female beekeepers around the world who have dedicated their craft to raising awareness around the fundamental role the bees play in our ecosystem. Take a quiz at the end of each chapter and see how much you’ve learned! 

Beekeeping course for beginners 

The three chapters of the Gisou Bee Learning Course include: Bee Basics, Beekeeping 101 and How to Harvest Honey. Anyone who completes the course will be able to download a personalized certificate of completion that can be posted on their social channels. Learn and inspire others … together, we’re paving the way for a new generation of beekeepers!

  • The Gisou Bee Learning Course Chapter 1 will be available starting July 25 on
  • The Gisou Bee Learning Course Chapter 2 & 3 will be available Aug 20 for National Honey Bee Day on 

The Gisou Bee Learning class syllabus 

Chapter 1: The heritage of bees & their future

Learn why we depend on bees and what’s causing the decline in bee populations. Dive into pollination, the composition of a bee colony and the roles of each bee within the colony. Find out the surprising ways in which bees communicate with each other!

Chapter 2: Beekeeping & maintenance of the colonies

Learn the basics of beekeeping: what equipment you need, how a beehive is made up, how to create the best environment for your bees and the difference between urban and rural beekeeping. Take your first step towards becoming a beekeeper!

Chapter 3: Honey harvesting & the power of honey

Dive into honey and propolis, two of the unique substances that bees create. Learn why they are special, how they’re made, their benefits and how honey, specifically, is harvested.

Meet our new Beekeeper-In-Chief: Negar Mirsalehi

Negar Mirsalehi is Negin’s sister and her decades of expertise and hands-on training in the family’s Bee Garden is a central focus of our Bee Learning course. Experience firsthand the family’s beekeeping practices that have been passed down from generation to generation — this know-how will be part of the Bee Learning course and you’ll have the opportunity to ask her anything! 

“I am so excited to lead the Gisou Bee Learning Course to raise awareness around the importance of bees, advance our Beekeepers Project and create the ultimate beekeeping experience in our very own Mirsalehi Bee Garden,” says Negar.

Adds Negin: “I am so excited for my sister to officially join the Gisou family. Together, we hope to inspire a new generation of beekeepers and Negar will be at the forefront of carrying our family’s legacy forward!”

Meet our community of beekeepers

Throughout the Bee Learning Course, expect to learn tips and tricks from our close community of esteemed beekeepers:

Negar Mirsalehi

  • Location: Almere, The Netherlands
  • Passionate about sharing six-generation-inspired Mirsalehi beekeeping practices
Negar Mirsaheli

Nina Moerdijk

  • Location: Scheveningen, The Netherlands
  • Gives back to nature through her daily practice of the craft 
Nina Moerdijk

McKay Joice Opeifa

  • Location: Salt Lake City, United States
  • Explores the world that surrounds us, and shares her discoveries with others
McKay Joice Opeifa

Nic Dowse AKA Honey Fingers

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Investigates the symbiotic relationship that exists between honeybees and humans
  • Photo credit: Phillip Huynh
Nic Dowse Honey Fingers

Georgah Crane

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Fuels her insatiable curiosity by learning life lessons from the bees
  • Photo credit: Nic Dowse
Georgah Crane

How to take the Bee Learning Course

The Gisou Bee Learning Course will be available starting July 25 on

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