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How to Use an Overnight Lip Treatment for the Perfect Pout

Move over overnight facemasks. It’s time to make some room for overnight lip treatments. Our precious lips are finally starting to get some of the love and care they deserve. 

But choosing the right overnight lip treatment is important. Not all ingredients are created equal, and they aren’t all good for you either! The last thing anyone needs is to use a product that creates a burning sensation rather than a soothing one. 

That’s why we will focus on natural solutions. Better for us and better for our bees! 

How to Use an Overnight Lip Treatment for the Perfect Pout

Why You Need an Overnight Lip Treatment

Lip balm alone can’t get the job done. Multiple factors can dry out our lips, leaving them cracked and sore at times. Our lips need proper hydration, just like the rest of our skin. 

Why Lips Tend to Become Dry and Chapped

There can be a number of reasons why your lips are dry and chapped. If you notice your lips cracking, it could be due to the following. 

  • Too much sun exposure
  • Cold climates
  • Overly hot and dry climates
  • Wind
  • Excessive licking of your lips
  • Dehydration 

The Benefits of an Overnight Lip Treatment

An overnight lip treatment with quality ingredients promotes a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look!

  • The outer section of your lips is thin. This is your barrier, and by using an overnight lip treatment, you strengthen your barrier to prevent further damage. A stronger barrier helps resist natural elements that cause dryness. 
  • An overnight lip treatment with humectant and emollient properties provides the ultimate hydration to your lips. This creates a smoother, defined look and glossier finish enhancing your natural lip color. 
  • Lip Treatments with honey have antibacterial properties to fight infection. It also helps promote faster healing of dry and cracked lips. 
  • Our lips often show signs of aging through dry and damaged skin. Nourishing our lips with essential vitamins and nutrients helps keep a healthy and plumped pout. 

Regular Lip Balm vs. An Overnight Lip Treatment

An overnight lip treatment is a bit thicker than a balm and works to soak vital nutrients and minerals into our luscious lips. It acts as an emollient which makes for better absorption than just a regular lip balm. 

Gisou Lip Oil

Ingredients to Look for in an Overnight Lip Treatment

Remember, the best overnight lip treatment is made from natural ingredients. Artificial and synthetic ingredients can be irritating to sensitive lips, leading to dryness and chapping. Here are some key ingredients you’ll find in our Honey Infused Lip Oil and why they’re beneficial.

  • Honey is extra rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Honey also has properties that promote healing while also retaining moisture and nourishing our lips deep within.

  • For the absolute best hydration to smooth and plump our lips, a quality Hyaluronic Acid to get deep into our dermis is key. This helps treat burns, sores, cuts, and chapped lips most effectively. 

  • Botanical oils contain powerful antioxidants, and they’re rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9. This helps strengthen the surface level skin to provide a barrier and keep moisture in. 

  • Adding to the list of Omega 9s, Buriti Fruit Oil is one that helps specifically regenerate the skin’s lipids for those who struggle with dry lips. 

  • Omega 3 and 6 can be found in Blueberry seed oil. The goal is to soothe the lips while hydrating them and restoring protection from their natural skin barrier. 

    Honey on lips overnight

    Types of Overnight Lip Treatments

    Overnight lip treatments come in a variety of remedies. Each one serves a slightly different purpose to produce healthier lips. 

    Lip Masks

    Overnight lip masks are like face masks, except they are best used overnight for optimal results. They can come in various application methods, such as sheets, clay, or creams. Regardless of which method you use, the ultimate goal here is to soften the lips with ultimate hydration over an extended period of time. 

    Lip Oils

    Lip oils are a better solution to lip balms. In fact, it’s one of the best overnight lip treatments you can invest in. Lip balms are waxy and make you feel like you must reapply every few hours or even on the hour. Lip oils don’t require as much application yet offer you great hydration. 

    A great product will be able to provide instant effects as well as penetrate below the lip barrier for ultimate hydration. Be sure to avoid lip oils with artificial fragrances. These can dry out your lips or cause unwanted reactions. 


    Healing Ointments

    Your healing ointments are most similar to your balms and likely contain beeswax and an antibacterial. They are commonly marketed for fixing burns, cuts, chapped lips, etc. Consider it to be your first aid upgrade from a lip balm. 

    The problem with lip balms and healing ointments is that they don’t always penetrate into the lips for deep moisturizing. They can act more as a barrier at times. You’ll also notice that cocoa or shea butter is a common ingredient in balms and ointments when treating lips. They work but don’t penetrate as deeply. 

    Lip Creams and Moisturizers

    Lip creams and moisturizers will be thinner than an overnight lip mask. These creams likely contain more water and nutrients than your normal lip balm. If you are looking for the best overnight lip moisturizer, pick something that doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky. This will cause excessive licking and touching. 

    How to Use an Overnight Lip Treatment

    An overnight lip treatment is your ultimate lip therapy repair process! Here’s how to use one. 

    Preparing Your Lips

    Right before you go to bed, make sure to wash away any makeup on your face and lips. If you have an existing product on your lips, use a makeup removal solution so you can allow for the treatment to come directly into contact with your lips. If you notice a build-up of dead skin and haven’t exfoliated in a while, it’s time to do that! 

    Applying the Product

    No matter what kind of product you are using, this is the time to treat yourself. Be generous with the product and create a nice thick layer so all the nutrients can seep into your lips overnight. Massaging the first layer in is a great trick. Then add a second layer without rubbing it in. 

    Allowing it to Absorb

    Be sure not to touch your lips after applying the treatment. Drinking or eating can take the overnight lip treatment off. This is why it’s best done as the last step before bed. It’s also important not to lick your lips or press them together too much. 

    Frequency of Use

    You should use an overnight lip treatment every time you exfoliate your lips to repair them with essential ingredients. However, there is no limit to how many times a week you can apply an overnight treatment. 

    The more you notice your lips are in need of care, the more frequently you can use this type of treatment. 

    DIY Overnight Lip Treatments

    The good news is that there are a number of DIY solutions you can make yourself. No need to worry about making any complicated formula. These lip treatments have no more than two ingredients. Tip: You can add sugar to turn it into a lip scrub.

    • Mix together equal parts honey and equal parts coconut oil until you have a thick consistency. We already know honey has amazing antibacterial and healing properties, but coconut oil is also a great moisturizer! 
    • If you don’t have coconut oil handy, mixing lavender oil with honey is a great alternative. Lavender oil has calming properties, which can be great for aggravated lips from being chapped or burned. 
    • One more amazing homemade solution is to use mashed avocado and honey. Avocado is a huge source of vitamin E. It also brings vitamins A and D to the table.

    Tips for Maintaining Soft, Smooth Lips

    Stay Hydrated

    Something as simple as drinking eight glasses (or more) of water a day can make a huge impact on your lip hydration. Drinking water, in general, can help fine lines, whether it be near your eyes or on your lips. 

    Avoid Licking Your Lips

    Licking your lips may be the sultry thing to do or maybe even a habit after eating good food, but it causes your pretty pout to suffer! Constantly making your lips wet and then exposing them to causes dry lips. Sometimes when we have dry lips, it’s our inclination to lick them. But it produces the absolute opposite effect of what you were going for. 

    Protect Your Lips from the Sun and Wind

    Most people forget to put sunscreen over their lips. This can cause a ton of sun damage. And if there were ever a good time for a lip balm or lip oil, it would be on windy days. Wind wipes away our natural barriers, so get ahead of the game and protect it. 

    How to Use an Overnight Lip Treatment for the Perfect Pout

    Start Pampering Your Pout

    It’s never a bad time to start pampering your pout. In a pinch, grab some items out of your pantry for a DIY method. But to take full advantage of wholesome ingredients, try Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil for an effective routine. Our lips deserve to be loved just like the rest of our face!

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