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The Gisou Holiday Series: The Episodes

This year, we decided to bring our Gisou Holiday pop-up store to you, at home, virtually brought to life on The Gisou Holiday Series was available to our customers from around the world between December 7-20, 2020 offering the complete Gisou haircare range as well as exclusive, limited edition Holiday Gifts for the whole family. 

For the Holiday Series, the Gisou team created a series of four special Gisou Holiday episodes. Inspired by nostalgic American sitcoms, the episodes of the Gisou Holiday Series show you what the Gisou Family was up to at home for the holidays. With every episode we unlocked more limited edition Holiday Gifts for purchase.

The Gisou Holiday Story

This Holiday Season, the Gisou Family is home for the holidays. And just like every other year, Negin & Maurits are looking to give each other their best holiday gift yet. But this year, they won’t have to search far, the ultimate gift is closer to all than one might think. This year, they’ll find it right at home - whether it’s Maurits fixing Negin a cup of hot cocoa, or Negin making Maurits a special handmade gift, the Gisou Holiday Series is all about the gift of giving, at home.

Episode 1 - On the hunt for the perfect holiday gift (again)

In the first episode of the Holiday Series, Maurits is looking to buy Negin the best holiday gift she’s ever had so far. During his hunt to find the ultimate holiday gift, he reaches a state of complete desperation filled with anxiety and stress. Lucky for him, he won’t have to search far this year…

Episode 2 - Holiday backgammon marathon

In the following episode, we see the Gisou Family passing the time with their favorite game: Backgammon. And just like every other time Negin & Maurits play a round together, Maurits loses. Every single time. Determined to win for once, Maurits challenges Negin to a Backgammon marathon. Will it ever end, and will Maurits ever win?

Episode 3 - Holiday Baking Failure 

In the third episode, Maurits is in the kitchen trying his hand at baking in order to surprise Negin with homemade holiday cookies. As usual, he makes a big mess, but manages to get a batch into the oven. As Negin gets ready to come downstairs for a night with the family to enjoy homemade cookies, Maurits finds out the cookies are ruined. Will he be able to find a solution in time? 

Episode 4 - Holiday Surprise Story

In the last episode, with the Holiday Season in full swing, the Gisou Family is ready to unwrap presents. Maurits proudly gives Negin not one, but several Holiday Gifts. Negin is pleased, but Maurits is not done with the surprises. What kind of holiday surprise gift could beat what he’s already given?

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