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8 Best Beauty Holiday Gift Sets for Every Beauty Enthusiast

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner! We know - it seems like only yesterday that you were searching for tips to create the perfect beachy wave

So, with the gift-giving season fast approaching, chances are you have more than one beauty-loving friend to shop for! Whether you’re shopping for a skincare enthusiast or a hair care guru, holiday beauty gift sets from Gisou are perfect for anyone who needs a little me time.

Choosing exactly which gift set to give can be tricky, so we’ve handpicked our favorites to make shopping a breeze. And don’t forget to snag a little something for yourself, too. After all, the New Year is all about self-care!

Best Beauty Holiday Gift Sets

8 Best Beauty Holiday Gift Sets

Beauty holiday gift sets from Gisou make the perfect Christmas gift for every beauty enthusiast. Our products are infused with the regenerative properties Mirsalehi Honey and Propolis and ready for gift giving in our signature pink and gold packaging. 

1. Final Touch Set

Our Final Touch Set is the perfect holiday beauty gift for creating sleek buns and glamorous curls throughout the holiday season and beyond. This set can be used on the go, with or without hot tools to enhance shine and tame frizz, all while making it easier to create perfect hairstyles in less time. 

This beauty holiday gift set includes our Propolis Infused Polishing Primer, Iconic Honey Infused Hair Oil in a convenient travel size. Our Propolis Infused Polishing Primer is a lightweight styler that can be applied before blow drying or air drying the hair to provide a workable hold and reduce drying time. Just a drop or two of our luxurious Honey Infused Hair Oil finishes off any hairstyle with radiant shine and smoothness.

2. Hydrating Cleanse & Care Set

Indulge in the gift of luscious locks with a festive assortment of honey-infused hydration essentials from Gisou! This delightful gift set features four Gisou icons: a luxurious hair wash, a sumptuous conditioner, a rejuvenating hair mask, and a versatile leave-in conditioner. Together, they create a pampering routine for hair that's not just soft and smooth but radiantly hydrated.

3. Iconic Oils Set

For that special someone on your list who loves to pamper their skin and hair, consider our Iconic Oils Set. Our team handpicked this trifecta of luxurious oils to provide a transformative glow. The set includes three Mirsalehi Honey Infused classics: Honey Infused Hair Oil, Face Oil, and Lip Oil for the ultimate pampering experience.

4. The Glow & Scent Set

    Our multi-tasking Glow & Scent Set will transport you to the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, where the tradition of Mirsalehi beekeeping first began. The holiday beauty gift set comes with our antioxidant-rich, award-winning Honey-Infused Face Oil for all skin types. Our aromatic Hair Perfume, infused with Gisou’s signature scent inspired by Mirsalehi Honey and spring florals rounds out the set.

    5. The Soak & Scent Set

      The gift of luxury is always appreciated, and let’s face it, we all know someone who could use a little rest and relaxation. The Soak & Scent Set wraps the senses in our signature honey and floral scent. Our Honey Infused Hair Mask provides an intense weekly moisture boost for the hair, while our Honey Infused Hair Perfume leaves a trail of Gisou’s signature scent wherever you go.

      Soak & Scent Set Gisou

      6. The Honey Rescue Set

      Introduce your loved one to the magical benefits of Mirsalehi Honey for hair with our Honey Rescue Set. This honey-infused trio deeply hydrates and nourishes the hair and scalp, making it the perfect self-care gift set to give during the cold, harsh winter months.

      The set comes with our Honey Infused Scalp Treatment to target the itchiness and irritation of a dry winter scalp. Our nourishing Hair Mask is included to further promote scalp health while hydrating and replenishing the hair. Our Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner completes the routine by protecting the hair against future damage and sealing in moisture.

      7. The Smooth & Shine Set

      The Smooth and Shine holiday beauty gift set features our bestselling Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Perfume. Start your styling routine with our Leave-In Conditioner, which contains a nourishing blend of honey and botanical oils to soften and condition the hair. 

      Our Hair Perfume is the perfect finishing touch for any hairstyle, featuring honey plus a unique fragrance blend. This set offers the perfect way to infuse your routine with the nourishing powers of honey for hair and Gisou’s signature scent.

      8. All Day Curl Set

      If you really want to impress the beauty lover on your gift list, consider the All Day Curl Set. It comes with the two curling essentials you need to create Negan Mirsalehi’s signature curls! The routine starts by preparing and protecting the hair with our Propolis Infused Heat Protectant Spray, then our custom-designed curling tool creates the ultimate glamorous bouncy curls. 

      Our curling tool makes the perfect gift for any beauty lover because it features a nostalgic, 90s-inspired honey-dipper design, digital screen, and a pink silicone heat mat, as well as all the features necessary for perfect loose curls

      Tip: Create a Beauty Gift Basket for Christmas Gift Giving

      Our holiday beauty gift sets are lovely on their own, but they also make the perfect foundation for a luxurious beauty gift basket to give at Christmas or any other special holiday occasion. 

      Here’s how to make one:

      1. Start by choosing a theme. Honey, honey bees, and shades of soft pink and gold would be perfect in this case.
      2. Choose a container. It can be anything from a beautiful ceramic bowl or basket to a gift bag or box that matches your color scheme.
      3. Add some cushioning to your container. A luxurious bath towel would be a lovely addition to any beauty gift, but you can use shredded paper or tissue paper if you prefer.
      4. Arrange your gift items, starting with the taller items in the back and the shorter ones in the front. Our Honey Scented Candle, Honey Infused Wash & Go Combo, some silk scrunchies, a jar of honey, and cute hair accessories would make beautiful additions to your gift basket and fill in any empty spaces.
      5. Finish off your gift by wrapping it in cellophane and adding a pretty bow.

      Holiday Gift Sets

      Wrapping Up

      From Hair Perfume to Beauty Balm to luxurious stocking fillers, Gisou has the perfect holiday beauty gifts to delight every beauty enthusiast on your list! You simply can’t go wrong with beautiful products that are inspired by and created with sustainably sourced ingredients from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden!

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